Watertown WI Auto Repair Services
Providing quality auto repair in Watertown WI since 1978. TireRifik is a family owned business delivering honest and professional automotive repair and auto maintenance services to the people of Watertown WI, Jefferson WI, Johnson Creek WI, Oconomowoc WI, and surrounding areas. Dan Ersel and the ASE Certified Technicians at TireRifik use the latest automotive repair technology and are equipped to handle major and minor repairs on Domestic and Import vehicles.

Bringing your vehicle to us for regular auto repair service is the best way for you to save money on automotive costs and save time on easily avoidable mechanical problems. Every car varies, so depending on what your specific vehicle may need, preventative maintenance can include any of the following measures:

Check and replace the engine oil and/or oil filters
Check and/or replace fuel filters
Tire Balancing and Rotation
Wheel Alignment
Check all Lights
Check and/or refill windshield washer fluid
Inspect tires for wear and air pressure
Inspect and/or replace air filters
Check and/or flush brake fluid
Inspect and/or replace brake pads
Tighten nuts and bolts
Check and/or flush power steering fluid
Check and/or flush transmission fluid
And much more!

To keep your car running longer, you need the right people, the right training and that provides you high quality auto repair in Watertown WI at an affordable cost. Our technicians know what to do, do it correctly, do it fast, and with only the necessary parts. You get expertise, fast service, and exceptional value.

Have a question, need an appointment for the Watertown, WI location or have a car repair emergency please phone 920-261-8111
Auto Repairs Services provided
4 Wheel Alignment Watertown WI
ABS Brake Repair
AC Repair
AC Service
Acura repair Watertown WI
Air Bag Repair
Air Cond Repair
Air Cond Service
Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioning Service
Air Filter Change
Air Filter Replacement
Alternator Repair
Alternator Testing
Anti-Lock Brake Repair
Antifreeze Flush
Antifreeze Leak Repair
Antifreeze Testing
Auto Electrical Repair
Auto Electrical System Testing
Auto Trans Fluid Flush
Auto Trans Flush
Auto Trans Leak Repair
Auto Trans Repair
Auto Transmission Fluid Flush
Auto Transmission Flush
Auto Transmission Leak Repair
Auto Transmission Repair
Auto Wiring Repair
Automatic Trans Fluid Flush
Automatic Trans Flush
Automatic Trans Leak Repair
Automatic Trans Repair
Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush
Automatic Transmission Flush
Automatic Transmission Leak Repair
Automatic Transmission Repair
Axle Repair
Ball Joint Repair
Battery Replacement
Battery Testing
Belt Replacement
Brake Caliper Repair
Brake Caliper Replacement
Brake Caliper Service
Brake Fluid Change
Brake Fluid Flush
Brake Flush
Brake Master Cylinder Repair
Brake Master Cylinder Replacement
Brake Pad Replacement
Brake Repair Watertown WI
Brake Fluid Flush
Brake Replacement
Brake Service
Brake Shoe Replacement
Cabin Filter Change
Cabin Filter Replacement
Catalytic Converter Repair
Check Engine Light Diagnosis
Check Engine Light Inspection
Check Engine Light Repair
Clutch Repair
Clutch Replacement
Computer Diagnosis
Constant Velocity Joint Repair
Constant Velocity Joint Replacement
Coolant Flush
Coolant Hose Replacement
Coolant Leak Repair
Cooling Hose Replacement
Cooling System Flush
Cooling System Repair
Cooling System Repair
CV Boot Repair
CV Boot Replacement
CV Joint Repair
CV Joint Replacement
Differential Fluid Change
Differential Fluid Flush
Differential Repair
Emissions Control Repair
Emissions Repair
Engine Repair
Engine Replacement
Exhaust Pipe Repair
Exhaust Repair
Fan Belt Replacement
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel Injection Cleaning
Fuel Injection Pump Repair
Fuel Injection Pump Service
Fuel Injection Repair
Fuel Injection Service
Fuel Injector Cleaning
Fuel Injector Repair
Fuel Injector Replacement
Fuel Injector Service
Fuel Leak Repair
Fuel Line Repair
Fuel Pump Repair
Fuel Pump Replacement
Fuel Tank Repair
Gas Tank Repair
Head Gasket Leak Repair
Head Gasket Repair
Head Gasket Replacement
Headlight Adjustment
Headlight Aiming
Headlight Alignment
Heater Core Repair
Heater Core Replacement
Honda repair Watertown WI
Hose Replacement
Instrument Cluster Repair
Instrument Panel Repair
Intake Gasket Leak Repair
Intake Gasket Repair
Intake Gasket Replacement
Intake Manifold Gasket Repair
Manual Trans Fluid Change
Manual Trans Fluid Flush
Manual Trans Fluid Replacement
Manual Trans Flush
Manual Trans Repair
Manual Transmission Fluid Change
Manual Transmission Fluid Flush
Manual Transmission Fluid Replacement
Manual Transmission Flush
Manual Transmission Repair
Muffler Repair
Muffler Replacement
Oil And Filter Change
Oil Change & Lube
Oil Filter Change
Oil Filter Lube
Oil Filter Replacement
Oil Leak Repair
Oxygen Sensor Repair
Oxygen Sensor Replacement
Oxygen Sensor Testing
Power Lock Repair
Power Seat Repair
Power Steering Fluid Change
Power Steering Fluid Flush
Power Steering Flush
Power Steering Leak Repair
Power Steering Repair
Power Window Repair
Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection
Preventative Maintenance
Rack And Pinion Repair
Rack And Pinion Steering Repair
Radiator Flush
Radiator Hose Replacement
Radiator Leak Repair
Radiator Repair
Service Engine Light
Service Engine Light Diagnosis
Service Engine Light Inspection
Service Engine Light Repair
Shock Absorber Replacement
Shock Replacement
Smog Inspection
Smog Testing
Speedometer Repair
Standard Trans Repair
Standard Transmission Repair
Starter Repair
Starter Replacement
Starter Testing
Steering Repair
Strut Repair
Strut Replacement
Suspension Repair
Thermostat Repair
Thermostat Replacement
Tie Rod Repair
Timing Belt Repair
Timing Belt Replacement
Tire Balancing
Tire Leak Repair
Tire Repair
Tire Rotation
Tire Shop Watertown WI
Trans Fluid Change
Trans Fluid Flush
Trans Flush
Trans Leak Repair
Trans Repair
Trans Service
Transmission Fluid Change
Transmission Fluid Flush
Transmission Flush
Transmission Leak Repair
Transmission Repair
Transmission Service
Tune Ups
Used Car Inspection
Vehicle Inspection
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Safety Inspection
Water Pump Repair
Water Pump Replacement
Wheel Alignment Watertown WI
Wheel Balancing
Wheel Bearing Repair
Wheel Bearing Replacement
Windshield Wiper Blade Repair
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

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