Brake Repair Shop in Watertown WI
Car and Truck Wheel Alignments in Watertown WI
Mechanic fixing the brakes of a car at an auto repair shop in Watertown, WI
If you need brakes for your car or truck that needs to be repaired or inspected you have come to the right place. TireRifik has performed top quality auto brake repairs in Watertown WI at an affordable cost since 1978.

Our combination of the latest high tech equipment, the best ASE Certified Technicians, and 34+ years experience offers you unbeatable value and a brake repair done right - guaranteed!

Disc brake repair in Watertown WI. TireRifik performs all make, cars, vans, trucks, SUV, 4x4, domestic and import brake repair in the Watertown Wisconsin.

We only use high quality brake parts to ensure best value, long brake life, and your complete satisfaction. You benefit from the part cost savings we have earned from our long term brake part supplier relationship.

Have a questions about brakes for your car or truck or if you need to schedule an appointment for the Watertown, WI location call us at 920-261-8111.
Are you looking for a brake auto mechanic to repair your car, truck, SUV or vans brakes?
Well, If you live near Watertown WI and are searching for the best brake repair shop in the area. Then, take a short drive to Watertown, WI and visit Tire Rifik.Finding the right brake shop with experienced ASE-certified technicians to repair your car, truck, SUV or van brakes is important to stop safely. Keep your vehicle running longer with wheel alignments, shocks, brakes and high quality brake repair service near Watertown WI at an affordable cost.
Brake Repair Call 920-261-8111

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