Car, Truck A/C & Heating / Cooling System
It's the first hot day of the summer. Uncomfortably sitting in your seat, you turn on that long-neglected AC knob, only to discover an unwelcome blast of warm air streaming out from the vents. Did you know that without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency per year? This means that without proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit may be performing as poorly as other models that are years older!

When something is wrong with your vehicle's A/C or cooling / heating system, our ASE-certified technicians are standing by to make it right. From Water Pumps, Heater Cores, Radiators, Head Gaskets, & Thermostats, no one else helps you keep cool like TireRifik.

Our ASE-certfied technicians will perform a complete system evaluation to properly diagnose your problem.

Includes A/C & Heating / Cooling System Evaluation
  • Pressure readings
  • Leak test
  • Component performance and visual inspection
  • Check belts, hoses and connections
  • Test outlet temperature
How often should my Air Conditioning be inspected?
How’s the air feeling in your car truck or RV? Is your vehicle cooled off with full air flow when your A/C is pumping? Well, if you answered “Yes” you can cross Air Conditioning inspection off your list.

If you answered “No”: you fall into the “my Air Conditioning is not cold enough” or the “takes too long to cool down,” side of the spectrum? Then stop in for an Air Conditioning Check and we’ll have your car, truck or RV rolling down those hot summer roads cooler than ever.
How often do I need my A/C system “recharged”?
When you no longer feel that cool breeze as chilly as you remember. A well maintained A/C system can go its entire life without needing a recharge. But, that’s if you’re really lucky.

If you start noticing your Air Conditioning isn’t reaching those cooler temperatures, have your system inspected by our ASE-certified technicians. In this situation, most cars,truck or RV will be low on Freon. And one thing to keep in mind is the A/C is a sealed system, low Freon is a big sign that something is not right. It could be a small leak that needs attention or possibly part of the A/C is failing – bring it in and we’ll perform an Air Conditioning Check.

Schedule an appointment for your a A/C & Heating / Cooling System Check today at 920-261-8111

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